Agnese Zeltiņa

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A happy coincidence brought me together with photographer Māris Kreicbergs. Our previous photographer could not continue her work due to unforeseen circumstances, and I was very much looking for a reliable person who could speak the same language of art, who would see my jewellery and me the way I want it to be seen by our audience, our followers, our potential or existing customers. 

It is a set of standards developed over six years, which I clearly defined to Māris and which we have been trying to create, maintain and improve together. I like this creative process because Māris is ready to learn and listen, and also offer new ideas, so this is a very successful collaboration, which I recommend. No matter what you do in life, you need to feel the person who knows you and your business, so I can recommend Māris as a person who is ready to fulfil your ideas and do it quickly, as well as in high quality.


Artūrs Gailītis 


Ilze Muciņa 


"We started working with photographer Māris a couple of years ago on our first project. We remember very clearly that it was love from the first picture. Māris' vision and competence shows through every picture he creates. We quickly found common language and eye for detail. He definitely has his own vision and handwriting, which is artistically creative and unique! He is able to combine our concepts with his aesthetics in every picture created! "


The cooperation has been great in all of the years we have worked together. The pictures are of high quality, the deadlines are on time and the attitude is professional. After seeing the portfolio Māris provided us with, we decided to hire him to take pictures of what he does best - fashion and lifestyle photography. The result is always satisfying - we and the visitors are very pleasantly uplifted when they see themselves in the pictures from the event. We will definitely continue to cooperate!