What does Kin stand for? 
KIN translates to friendship – for a better understanding to those who hear this for the first time- a more familiar translation is “family” and this was the reason for this brand name. We are a small number of people running this business and this is the name that best describes us – family. 
How did we come up with the idea to start this company? Also, a simple answer – we all have our skills we feel strongest at and by putting those to use, we decided we can do and achieve more together rather than just focusing on bringing ideas to life by ourselves. 
We have not been brought up in the big city with all the opportunities at our feet, so diving into the “big life”, working multiple jobs over the years, we developed a mind site that suggested we do have the passion for what we want and what we strongly believe in – high quality and the freedom of creativity. 
Not following your mind and heart can often bring us to a dark and unhappy place, so we are here to set an example to encourage other to do what you love and to forever develop the skills you naturally possess. 
With our platform the goal is to grow alongside with our clients to create something meaningful. 
You will ask why Kin, how does your company differ from others out here? 
Our team contains of just a couple of people, so we are huge on engagement with our clients and also the mobility of it all. Our clients have close interaction with us, since this is something we strongly stand by – personal approach to each client. Might sound cheese, but we genuinely love what we do. Our motivation comes from working on things that we care about. We care about your vision and are here to help make your business look fresh and modern.
Kin is the company that we created to reflect exactly what you, as a brand or individual, stand for and represent. We can provide everything from photography and videography to layout and visual design.